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Process Piping and Systems


Since 1971, Westco Corporation has proudly served the food, dairy, and beverage industries with innovative
and timely solutions to our customer’s process piping needs.
With countless feet of tube, pipe and process skids installed, Westco has
the resources and the experience to successfully complete your project. 
· Skid mounted systems
· Process systems and automation
· High purity piping systems
· Orbital Welding
· Mix and blend systems
· Mix and blend systems skid mounted
· Concentrators and evaporator systems
· Concentrators and evaporator
  systems skid mounted
· Clean in place systems (CIP)
· Melt systems
· Turnkey systems
· Homogenizers
· Heat exchangers
· Pumps, Valves, Fittings flow verters
· H.T.S.T, (High Temp Short Time)
· Cold Fill
· Hot Fill
· Product flow controls
· Batching
· Tanks
· Tank modifications and repair
· Chillers
· Boilers
· All facets of sanitary piping
· Plant utilities piping
· Double jacket process piping
· High purity water systems